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Chemical Peels


The brand use for our chemical peels course is ODA.

About ODA

  • Since ODA uses Single-Acid peels, the risks of an allergic reaction is extremely low due to its pureness.

  • It’s easy to control the process and results of the procedures

  • They solve a wide range of skin problems

  • They provide long lasting long-term results.


  • Controls sebum production

  • Opens and closes pores, clears comedones, spots and ingrown hair follicles

  • Encourages post-acne healing improves the appearance of mild scarring, by removing the outer layer of old skin

  • Stimulates the production of collagen

  • Improving elastin and hyaluronic acid properties located in the dermis


What we offer


  • Standardized treatment protocols that ensure easily controllable results

  • Top quality products developed by the team of biochemists and microbiologists

  • Only the best, purest, and the most effective ingredients in each product

  • 8 different concentrations of organic acids and single-acid peels, which you can easily use in combination with each other

  • Professional training, which consists of  3 levels, led by the official ODA representative and Distributor in the U.K ,who will be providing with the perfect combination of theoretical and practical learning.

  • The ability to cooperate and exchange expertise and ideas in the product development process


Stage 1

Upon completing our stage 1 course you will:


  • Use our 25% Glycolic Acid professional chemical peel line

  • Use our 20% Lactic Acid professional chemical peel line

  • Use our Amber acid line

  • Be able to practice in your clinical/beauty therapeutic environment safely

  • Be able to attract new clientele by adding new treatments

  • Be able to improve the skin condition for clients suffering from acne, pigmentation or scarring tissues, fine lines and wrinkles, low cell turnover and dehydrated skin

  • Be able to offer a course of treatments individually structured to meet the client needs.

  • Receive Chemical Peels stage 1 certificate

  • Be added on to our loyalty scheme, which will enable you to purchase all ODA homecare products at a 20% Discount rate.

  • Have the opportunity to progress to Stage 2 and 3, which will enable you to use higher levels of Chemical Acid peels.

Duration:  7 academic hours of theory